Hello, I am Dave Rau

Hi, I’m Dave Rau

Designer, Artist, and Dad

Since 1999 I’ve designed friendly and thoughtful digital products built with lean, well-structured code. Here are some of them:

Revs Institute

This one-of-a-kind car collection and museum was a client while I lead design at Big Sea in Florida.


My background in print and digital lead me to design and code at Inkling where I lead creating the O’Reilly pattern library serving mobile-friendly content modules for 50 of their best programming books.

And 850 responsive books for Elsevier on Inkling, which serve over half-a-million doctors, residents, and medical students globally:

The living style guide uses inline code examples with patterns that are mobile-friendly. The design accounts for a wide variety of large text content from dense paragraphs to asides, nested lists and tables.

Resist Today

Art, design and web shop

Fueled by Russian constructivist posters and late-night screen printing in our garage, Resist Today was an art collective and independent business I started with a friend. More than 4,000 people from all over the world enjoyed our unique screen printed clothing and art goods (including @dhh). Before the days of Etsy and Shopify, we built this from the ground up and ran it ourselves at nights and on weekends. I enjoyed the range of being a hybrid designer, database architect and artist. Also, packing orders and hand-writing thank you notes to every customer was very satisfying.

A few nice details:
1. order complete copywriting on the front end
2. and on the backend, the order queue flags repeat customers (the red #2) so we can add extra goodies in their package, and tiny thumbnails help visualize the products we sold that month

Circus Posterus

Web shop for a growing pop-surreal art collective

A minimal site focused on the art, not the interface. (And a full-page ad that ran inside-cover in Juxtapoz magazine).

Picnix Bistro

Family-owned Vietnamese restaurant located in an apartment building we used to rent in San Franscico.

I made this simple site in 4 hours. We walked downstairs to eat the meal and shoot some photos along the way.


I ran the web site for almost 10 years

I was the sole web designer for this environmental agency serving five million Florida residents. My site designs were friendly and engaging while code was semantic and structured. From suits and sys-admins to ecologists and educators, I worked with 750 people across four offices to author, edit and develop content as well as build custom web apps for inventory tracking, calendar events and photo sharing.

Water calculator

Visualize your water use

Answer a few simple questions to visualize your daily water use. Thousands of Florida students and residents pledged to reduce their use by 10%.

Watershed excursions

Alafia River (2009)

An educational site exploring Tampa’s largest flowing river and surrounding area. I shot much of the photography for this site. Also, I really like how the bird feature turned out using silhouettes as buttons.

Peace River (2006)

Southern Coastal (2005)

Green Swamp (2004)


A personal web app I made to track foods & moods

Pixel Draw

A fun Javascript side project turned iOS app. Along with some drawings I made.

Act or Forget

A flowchart for the upset, angry and unsettled.

A Dad, too

I take a lot of photos of my son Sam. He’s saying a lot of fun things. Three years old is a joy.

Design is a job, not magic: